Pic of me at the Tirta Gangga Royal Water Palace in Bali, trying not to fall into the water, haha!

Hello! Welcome to my travel blog! Here, I’m sharing with you my stories and thoughts on my travels through written words and photographs. Some of my travel-related interests include digital nomadism, backpacking, hotel holidays, festivals, and arts and culture.

My name is Toks Coyle and I’m a British-Nigerian in my early thirties currently based in Scotland. I was born and raised in London and moved up to Edinburgh in my early twenties after I met my Scottish husband on a hostel pub crawl during a backpacking trip in Melbourne, Australia (there’s an interesting story already, ha!). That very first solo trip to Australia, with a stopover in Hong Kong, is where the travel bug really bit, and I’ve been travelling as much as I can since.

Some other notable countries I’ve visited are USA, UAE, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Spain, Portugal and Ireland. Currently on my bucket list to visit for the first time are Japan, China, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore (I’m not obsessed with Asia, I promise, haha!), Barbados, and Iceland. To be honest, I love sunny weather, tropical climates and delicious exotic food, so those are the sorts of destinations that I tend to be most drawn to (yes, I’m aware that Iceland is an outlier here, haha! I hate the cold, but it does look interesting and beautiful, like Scotland).

I’ve always really loved writing, so I’m not quite sure why I didn’t start this blog earlier. I did consider blogging about my travels in Australia back in 2013, but you know, life gets in the way. Ah well, as they say, better late than never! This is my passion project that I’m doing on the side of my virtual assistant business, my main thing that makes me a living and helps me fund my trips. My aim for this blog to be a creative outlet for me to build on my writing and blogging skills, share with friends, family and colleagues some interesting documentation of my trips, as well as hopefully give some helpful tips and inspire anyone who might be interesting in taking any similar journeys.

I hope you enjoy browsing and reading. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment on a post to let me know what you think. You can also email me at toks@tokstravels.com.

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