This is a guest blog post by Federico and Alessio, two digital nomads at heart who embarked on a journey to expand the remote work experience, seeking more than just a job with a scenic backdrop. I first met Federico at Nomad Island Fest in 2022, and then again at MINOMA Fest and Nomad Island Fest in 2023. I was intrigued by this retreats directory, Nomad Retreats, that he was building with his business partner, and I wanted to learn more. It started when they both craved a deeper connection, a shared sense of purpose, and a community that embraced the world as our collective office.

Today they’ll tell their story on how this led to the foundation of the first marketplace for digital nomad retreats, and then to the creation of the first community aimed at retreat founders.

Alessio and Federico:

Hi! We are Alessio and Federico, founders of When Toks invited us to share our origin story, we couldn’t have been more excited! We hope you’ll resonate with our whys and hows, and come along for this ride.


Me and Federico, we’ve been friends for 12 years: we met at a pitch competition for startups in Italy when the word “startup” was just starting to be popular there. We immediately resonated on how travelling was a central experience in our growth and we built a team right away. We didn’t win the startup competition but we have been good friends since then, even when Alessio moved to London and Federico started his journey as a digital nomad in 2019.

Meet Alessio (left) and Federico (right), the co-founders of the website Photo credit: Nomad Retreats


It’s been almost five years that I have lived as a nomad! During this time, I witnessed the transformative power of retreats in shaping the lives of digital nomads. I observed how these gatherings provided a haven for collaboration, inspiration, and the forging of meaningful connections, enabling nomads, and myself, to grow confidently in their chosen lifestyle.

Alessio, on the other hand, found his path to nomadism after attending a Hacker Paradise retreat in Bali in 2022, after many years of success in the corporate world.


This experience ignited a spark deep within and led me to embrace the nomadic lifestyle with enthusiasm. I yearned for more opportunities to connect with fellow nomads and immerse myself in the vibrant cultures and stunning different destinations. As much as I love London, finding a community of like-minded people with whom I could work remotely among palm trees in Bali, and explore the incredible nature around, was truly eye-opening.

Alessio and Federico:

Our quest for community led us to attend retreats and coworkations organized by renowned companies like The Nomad Escape, Remote 9, Hacker Paradise and MINOMA. These transformative experiences provided us with the inspiration, connections, and tools to thrive as digital nomads. Yet, amidst the joy and camaraderie, we couldn’t shake off a nagging feeling – there was a missing piece in the puzzle.

When Alessio started his research for an experience in 2022, it was a real challenge to compare retreats, identify those that aligned with his interests, and navigate the complexities of booking and logistics.

MINOMA Festival 2023, one of the many experiences that are promoted on Photo credit: MINOMA

During a fateful dinner in Rome in late 2022, we discussed the struggles we had in common, and an idea started to materialize in front of us. Airbnb has revolutionized the way we find accommodation, but the retreat landscape remained fragmented, scattered across various platforms and websites.

This realization ignited a spark within us. We envisioned a centralized hub where digital nomads and remote workers could easily discover and compare upcoming retreats and coworkations, eliminating the tedious process of searching across multiple channels. This was the genesis of Nomad Retreats, a platform dedicated to connecting nomads with curated retreats that align with their interests, locations, and budgets.

We wanted Nomad Retreats to be more than just a retreat aggregator; it’s a community catalyst, a hub for inspiration, and a gateway to unforgettable experiences. Our curated selection of over 250 retreats, handpicked for their unique offerings and transformative potential, ensures that everyone will find the perfect retreat match.

Our mission is to help everyone to find retreats and coworkations, all while saying goodbye to endless searches and endless browsing. Nomad Retreats is bound to be the one-stop shop for discovering retreats. Whether you’re seeking a remote work haven in bustling Thailand or a tranquil escape in a castle in the heart of the French countryside, we have the retreat that’s right for you.

The Nomad Escape is one of the many companies listing its digital nomad events on Photo Credit: Julie Attalah

But that’s not all! We’ve also collected a treasure trove of discount and coupon codes to help everyone save big on their next retreat adventure. With Nomad Retreats, anyone can elevate their digital nomad journey without breaking the bank.

Today, Nomad Retreats offers more than just a convenient platform for the guests of the retreats.

We are also building a community for the visionaries, the world-changing leaders that are creating exceptional programs of retreats and coworkations.

By fostering connections between industry-defining professionals who share a deep passion for connecting people, we want to elevate the whole digital nomad space to be more open, welcoming and easy to access than ever. Our platform serves as a hub where the retreat founders can share experiences, exchange insights, and collaborate on projects, creating a vibrant and supportive network of retreats worldwide.

Nomad Retreats’ founding mission is to allow every human being to consider the alternative life path of digital nomadism during their lifetime. We believe that having the chance to make this choice is a priceless opportunity to become humans who are more open-minded, free, compassionate and helpful. And nicer humans make a nicer world for everyone.

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