After staying for two weeks at the wonderful Draper Startup House, I decided that I would treat myself to a luxury private room on my last few days of this month-long Bali trip. Since I was already in the area, I contacted Outpost (a provider of multiple coliving and coworking spaces in Bali and Sri Lanka) to see if they would let me have a look around their coliving space in Canggu before committing to a booking, and they did give me a tour. I decided that I really liked it so I moved to stay in this accommodation for 4 nights.

It’s walking distance to the beach and lots of restaurants and bars, such as the popular and rather swanky Finns Beach Club, which is great especially if you don’t have your own transport and don’t want to be so far from everything (like Drapers is). Given that my stay here was only 5 days, then it wouldn’t be quite the same as someone who stayed longer, but I can at least tell you a bit about the time I did spend here.

After staying in an OK dorm in Draper, my private room in Outpost was certainly an upgrade. I got a lovely comfy double bed (so two people could stay here), a desk and chair (really important for doing work!), a TV, even a bed tray table (so you can eat and use your laptop on your bed if you want) and a nice ensuite bathroom with complementary toiletries and towel. One small qualm was that the desk was a bit too low for the chair, so it wasn’t the comfiest to use, unfortunately. Otherwise, I really liked my room, which also came with a guidebook of what to expect at Outpost and what amenities are in the area, as well as a printed guide of activities that Outpost was running that week.

As for the common areas – there is a spacious kitchen and dining room on the rooftop. They were OK, though not as luxe as the bedroom. I didn’t bother cooking a lot anyway, since I was only staying a few days, and takeaways in Bali are cheap as chips anyway! I didn’t work much up here either, since the seating here is OK but not the best.

There is an outdoor pool that all the colivers could use, with a couple of sunloungers and towels we could borrow. I certainly had to go have a dip in at least once whilst I was there, and it was lovely and refreshing!

OK, so the coliving house I didn’t find overly great to work in. However, Outpost also has its own coworking space located very close to its accommodation, and you get a big discount to use it when you’re staying at their coliving space. They are only a 3-minute scooter ride between each other, or 8 minutes walking. They do advise that it’s better to ride a scooter because of the heavy traffic and lack of pavements. However, I personally didn’t feel comfortable riding a scooter in Bali, so I never did – I simply walked or took a taxi scooter by Gojek or Grab. As long as I watched my step, the walk between Outpost’s coliving and coworking spaces in Canggu was totally fine!

So the Outpost coworking space in Canggu – I really liked it. Very good facilities with more or less everything that you need – spacious desks, comfortable chairs, designated quiet focus zones, meetings rooms, and good Wi-Fi. There is a kitchenette with tea and coffee-making facilities, though I was a bit sad there was no milk for my tea – not sure if maybe this was a cultural thing, since I also didn’t get milk with my tea and coffee in a couple of other Bali accommodations I stayed in. But overall, great space where I could concentrate on getting a lot of work done on my laptop.

As for the community at Outpost…at the house, I didn’t actually see an awful lot of my fellow colivers around. It’s kinda hard to meet people here when there’s a lack of common areas, and even when I was in the kitchen and at the swimming pool, no one else was there. I’m not sure if it was just quiet, or perhaps most people were in their rooms, at the coworking space or out elsewhere. It did have slightly more of a hotel vibe, which isn’t ideal if you’re looking to socialise. The fact that it doesn’t appear to have a minimum stay like other colivings do might be a factor in that.

That aside, as I’d mentioned, Outpost does run some events through the week. The only one I managed to attend was the Members’ Dinner (members of both the coworking and coliving space) on the rooftop of the coliving space, which was a pretty lovely event. The hospitality was great and we were served a tasty and aesthetically-pleasing 3-course meal (pictured below) by a local chef. It was some good networking too, chatting to other attendees, most of whom didn’t stay in that coliving space (a lot of comments about it being expensive, which I agree with) but they were just members of the coworking space. It was great to swap stories and get to know other digital nomads in Bali in this rather relaxed environment.

It cost me the equivalent of around $60 / £50 a night to stay here, which is very expensive for Bali, so that was certainly a factor in me choosing to stay for just a few nights. I will say that their marketing is slick and what they offer is reasonable value for money. However, it’s not likely somewhere I’d stay longer term unless I managed to get a better deal with the price.

So, would I recommend staying at Outpost Canggu coliving space? Well, I think it’s worth trying it for a few days at least to see if it’s for you – there’s the benefit of having that flexibility of not being locked in long term. It’s somewhere that would be nice to stop off at for a few days as you first arrive in Canggu, to get acclimatised to the area. However, if you wanted to stay in the area longer term and you have a smaller budget, then you might want to seek and move to an accommodation that is better economically. It’s great to know that you can still have access to a good community through joining Outpost coworking space, so you can get the best of both worlds that way!

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