After having attended and loved my very first event by The Nomad Escape, their Nomad Island Fest back in December 2022, I was excited and determined to check out what more this company had in store. Now, I was beginning to notice how some of their events recommend you keeping your typical day-to-day work to an absolute minimum. This is because their programmes are so jam packed with many activities that you don’t really want to miss, so it may be very hard to fit in with your usual work. This is what I found when I attended Nomad Island Fest, and so I think next time I go to that particular event, I’ll take the whole week off of doing my client work so that I can get fully immersed in the experience. I imagine that it would be the same for their Level Up Club Business Retreats (which I’ve never been to, but I hope to one day).

However, one event that I noticed by The Nomad Escape that seems quite flexible, is the Build Week that they had in Bali back in February 2023. It’s essentially a pop-up coworking and coliving experience, with a few set activities for the group to get together and discuss their goals, otherwise the time is mostly yours to spend how you wish. This is the very first event of this kind that The Nomad Escape has run, and it was held at Bloomfield, a beautiful guesthouse surrounded by rice fields in the Canggu area of Bali. My room was lovely; I got greeted with a nice goody bag containing Indonesia chocolate bars, worksheets and a little notebook (just like the one I got at Nomad Island Fest!)

There were six of us who paid to take part in this programme, led by two awesome facilitators, Maria and Sergio. The main structured parts of the Bali Build week were when we would all meet at 8am at the gorgeous open-air bamboo studio to do meditation together. This was a brilliant way to start the day, as it’s healthy and gets you energised to get to work. We then would proceed to have breakfast together in the living room, which was included in the price of the programme and deliciously cooked by the guesthouse chefs. Then Maria and Sergio would guide us to set our Vivid Visions and individual professional goals for the immediate, near and distant future. This included writing down on the whiteboard what actions we would plan to do each day in order to work towards these goals.

One of my goals of the week was to learn affiliate marketing and to work on creating this very travel blog that you are now reading! It was very fortunate that I happened to be on this programme with two other travel bloggers, Jon Miksis (who I saw speak on stage at the last Nomad Island Fest) and Stefani Reindl, whom I met for the first time on this trip. I got so many great tips from both of them as I did extensive research on how to create a travel blog. The power of networking – everyone was just so willing to help each other where they could. The Nomad Escape founder Michelle Maree has created such a wonderful and supportive worldwide community that seems to show at every one of her events!

And it wasn’t all work – we also let our hair down by going out for dinners and nights out. We even found an Afrobeats club night (one of my fave types of music at the moment) – that was loads of fun! It was also a great opportunity to see people again that I’d seen at Nomad Island Fest, as well as people who were on the Level Up Club Business retreat in Bali the previous week that I’d missed. My kind of networking!

By the end of the week, I managed to get a lot of work done – both the business development tasks that I’d set for myself, as well balancing it along all my virtual assistant client work. I also had lots of enjoyable and relaxing moments being a digital nomad in a tropical paradise. It was definitely a very productive week here.

My only very small qualms were about the venue itself – yes, it’s beautiful, but I felt it was much better suited to being a holiday accommodation. We could work in the living room / guesthouse restaurant during the day, but then we weren’t allowed in there after 10pm and overnight. Being a night owl, this was a bit bothersome for me. And then I couldn’t really work in my bedroom because it didn’t have a desk. So at nights, I was resigned to working outside, which was fine, but it would have been nice to have some more options. The Wi-Fi was also a bit iffy at times.

Overall though, I would rate my experience at The Nomad Escape Build Week Bali as very positively. Just put the next one in an accommodation that’s better suited to remote working, it it’ll be perfect! 😊

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@toksacoyle Showing you around my room at Bloomfield Umalas hotel, during my time at The Nomad Escape Build Week — a pop up coliving retreat in Bali that I attended in February 2023. Living that luxury digital nomad life🌴🌞 #digitalnomad #travel #bali #canggu ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim
@toksacoyle Wee vlog — burning the midnight oil at my hotel during The Nomad Escape’s Bali Build coliving retreat. Lovely experience here! 🤩 #digitalnomad #bali #canggu #indonesia #travel ♬ original sound – Toks Coyle
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