I blogged previously about my stay at Sun & Co’s pop-up coliving in the Basque Country, Spain. After this experience officially ended, a few of us decided to travel to the nearby city of Bilbao and spend the weekend there. I ended up changing my plane ticket to join in with this, because I thought it would be a good opportunity to extend my networking with this lovely group as well as check out Bilbao, which I hadn’t been to before. And I’m very glad I did!

Inside my pod at Optimi Rooms hostel

So, we all left our beautiful big coliving house in Gautegiz Arteaga and split into a taxi and bus to travel to Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque country. Some of the coliving group stayed together in an Airbnb, but since I tagged along last minute, there wasn’t space, so I booked myself a bed in a hostel. I stayed in this really cool pod hostel called Optimi Rooms – basically a capsule hotel, a concept that originated in Japan. It’s probably not something I would enjoy staying in long term, but for the novelty of staying in one for a few days, it’s pretty good. The pod beds are lockable, providing a lot of privacy once you’re inside. It’s also very clean and comfortable. One thing that surprised me was that I even got a TV inside my pod! You have to plug in earphones (obviously), but it was great being able to watch Netflix on a TV screen inside my pod. The hostel didn’t have much social vibes, but I wasn’t really surprised – it seems like somewhere you would just stay for a cheap bed, which it was. However, I was happy with my short stay there, nevertheless.

Walking along the streets of Bilbao

My weekend in Bilbao (Saturday to Monday) consisted of a lot of sightseeing – the city is very walkable, and I covered a lot of ground seeing great sights. I also of course went to hang out with the other colivers, at pintxo bars and walking around the city and big park. A few of us who went clubbing too, which was pretty fun. All the locals were going crazy over some popular Spanish that we didn’t know, but it was a lively vibe to be around.

Me posing in front of the Puppy – the world’s largest flower sculpture

On the Sunday, a few of us went to visit the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. I’d previously been to the New York Guggenheim years earlier, so it was great to be able to discover this Spanish version as well. I’m someone who really likes to take my time inside museums, as I really love looking at the amazing artworks and reading a lot of the interesting information. I ended up being in the museum for a good few hours, and was the last of the coliving group to leave! And even the outside of the museum has some cool things to look at, like this quirky flower dog statue, aptly named Puppy. I then went to meet with the other group members to do some more sightseeing in Bilbao and then stop at a bar for drinks and live music. I heard there was even an impromptu bridge part after I left for the night – my friend Jessica who was there has a much more extensive account of this short trip on her blog and podcast.

Bar that we went to by the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao

I hope you enjoyed my short account of my last-minute weekend stay in Bilbao. It really shows the power of community and travel to take you on some wonderful, unexpected adventures! Now, check out some photos that I took 🙂

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