I first came to know of the MINOMA company back in September 2023 when I was attending a business retreat by The Nomad Escape – the latter’s founder and host mentioned “Borderless Retreats”, which when I looked it up, I found that this was the former name of what has now been rebranded to MINOMA, meaning Mindful Nomads. I found their website and I was really intrigued by what I saw. Similarly to The Nomad Escape, MINOMA’s offerings are mainly retreats for remote workers, as well as their festival happening that November in Morocco. I had lately come to have mixed feelings about capitalism, so I was on the lookout for something more. As much as I think that it’s good and important to make money, I don’t like the idea of letting it be the detriment of one’s well-being or the number one thing to care about in life. I also really like community-oriented events, and I got the vibe that this was the sort of thing I’d enjoy and benefit from. MINOMA looked to be a good mix of personal development, business, and wellness, with more of a relaxed, esoteric, and hippy vibe that I quite enjoy.

Morocco has never actually really been high on my radar as a place for me to visit, but I knew it was quite popular amongst some people for a reason, so I gave it a consideration. It was in Africa, which has a hot climate that I love, and it was another chance to return to the Motherland. Plus, I’d heard that it was a digital nomad hotspot, and so of course I was quite curious about it!

People begin to gather around for a big sharing circle at MINOMA Festival in Selina Agafay Nomad Camp. Photo credit: Toks Coyle

Of course, I followed MINOMA on Instagram and engaged in some of their content. They do a really great job of promoting their festival, showcasing what we were to expect from all the facilitators and showing a clear programme of all the activities that would take place. Maris, the founder of MINOMA, noticed my sly lurking of MINOMA (haha), dropped me a DM and invited me to have a chat to share more information with me to see if it would align with me. I really liked the way she communicated in a way that wasn’t pushy but gently nudged me further into their sales funnel. As I was already half-interested, of course I went and had a phone call with her. Shortly after that, I was pretty much sold, both on going to MINOMA Festival in a month’s time and also the pop-up coliving experience that they were holding afterwards in the small fishing village of Taghazout. I bought tickets to these, booked my flights, and even also booked an extra week in Taghazout beyond the MINOMA pop-up coliving to explore a bit more. Since I work online, there’s no mad rush for me to get back home straightaway, is there?

So, I landed in Marrakech, and it was my first time in Morrocco. I only stayed one night in this bustling city, treating myself to a private room in the cosy Riad Jennah Rouge hostel, before travelling onwards to MINOMA Festival in Agafay desert. I’d say that Marrakech is worth checking out for its beautiful architecture and many markets, although be warned, it’s not exactly a relaxing place! MINOMA offered a great optional service to arrange group buses going from Marrakech to Agafay desert for their festival, and then from Agafay desert to Taghazout after the festival. Being new in town, it was very reassuring to me to have these in place, especially as it was also another great opportunity to meet other MINOMA attendees and do some natural networking before and after the main event.

A huge array of yummy buffet foods at MINOMA Festival. Photo Credit: Toks Coyle

We arrived at the MINOMA festival site, Selina Nomad Camp Agafay, and wow – what a contrast from Marrakech! Selina is a worldwide branch of hostels and coliving spaces around the world, and this one is a glamping accommodation in the middle of a stunning Moroccan desert. I had originally booked the shared Bedouin tent dorm that sleeps up to 20 people. However, on arrival, I was offered a great upgrade to a private tent, which I’m very glad I took. It was quite luxurious, and I appreciated being able to hide my introverted self away at times when I needed a break from the big group. Selina Nomad Camp was really the perfect spot for the 3-day MINOMA Festival. You’re in the warmth and in the nature of the desert, with nobody around but your fellow attendees (they had booked out the whole venue for this event). There’s the lovely huge dining room, decked out with plenty of chairs and even Moroccan-style floor seating to help you feel most relaxed. Plus, there’s a swimming pool on site, if you ever need to take a dip to cool off. The sunsets and sunrises are beautiful here, and I got so excited seeing camels walking in the distance for the first time ever!

Ah, MINOMA Festival – how do I best describe it? It’s certainly not your run-of-the-mill business conference, and there’s zero corporate about it. In the company’s own words, it’s a fusion of “Burning Man and Digital Nomad Festival”. It’s a very holistic experience, which is in some ways, similar to Nomad Island Fest (which is funny to mention, as I happened to meet people who have been at both!), but MINOMA definitely has a stronger focus on mindfulness and spirituality, and how to integrate these into our whole beings as digital nomads. I’ll be honest that I’m not deep into this world, and some of the esoteric concepts presented were very unfamiliar to me and went way over my head. However, I’m definitely open-minded and regularly practise meditation and mindfulness at home for wellbeing, so I was curious to learn more at an event like this.

The outdoor swimming pool at Selina Nomad Camp Agafay during MINOMA Festival. Photo credit: Toks Coyle

Over these 3 days, MINOMA curated an extensive programme of guest experts running a myriad of workshops and sessions, from yoga and breathwork to sharing circles and sound baths. I particularly enjoyed the sound bath and breathwork, both of which made me so relaxed that I fell asleep! Topics I learned about included shifting self-sabotage and playing small, manifestation and setting intentions, human design readings, new moon ceremony, and tantra (no, we did not learn about sex stuff – tantra is about more than just that!). There were also things around money mindset and life coaching. I had a little notebook and pen with me making lots of little notes so I wouldn’t forget what I learned. There was a lovely art installation of a self-love mirror. And there were a few DJs holding a couple of dance parties, including an ecstatic dance session on the central carpeted area – it was rather quite magical dancing outside in the desert under the stars!

There was also a showcase of mindful coliving spaces and communities, where I was introduced to some exciting projects including Nomad Haven, AGAIA and La Vita Sukha (the latter of which I have since started working with!). The community here is rather quite wonderful. You can make genuine connections here, for friendship and for business, since people are so welcoming, friendly, and open to giving rather than just taking. Every guest expert was also an attendee at the festival along with the rest of us – there was no strong feeling of “us and them”. It certainly helps that Maris, Marta and Kasia, the three ladies who run MINOMA and this festival, exude these same vibes that reverberate throughout this whole community. I’m very glad that I decided to not only come to this festival but to also join MINOMA’s optional pop-coliving that they held in Taghazout, where we stayed in this lovely villa up in the mountains to colive, cowork, have shared dinners and sharing circles together, and enjoy each other’s company for a bit longer.

View of part of the swimming pool, carpeted central area and some of the private sleeping tents at MINOMA Festival and Selina Nomad Camp Agafay. Photo Credit: Toks Coyle

I really enjoyed my time at the MINOMA Festival in Agafay and the pop-up coliving in Taghazout. It was fabulous for harmonious networking, lots of interesting festival events for fun and for learning, and some wonderful winter sun. Not only this but you’re also given the option to join MINOMA’s online membership, which contains bonuses such as additional virtual workshops and meetups to facilitate further integration and networking from the in-person MINOMA Festival. I attended a good few of these online events and it was always helpful and enjoyable to do so. It’s an extra something to make you feel like part of a global community.

I’d definitely recommend joining MINOMA if this sounds like your vibe. I’m hoping to attend another of MINOMA events at some point soon, as they do regular coliving retreats throughout the year as well as another edition of the festival in November again – maybe see you there? 😊

Watch the official MINOMA video (you’ll even spot me in there a few times!) 🙂
Poster for the next edition of MINOMA Festival
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