World-famous clubbing destination, Ibiza, has long been on my bucket list of destinations to visit. Yes, I had that Vengaboys song in my head when I came up with this blog post title! And when I was actually in Ibiza, I heard a lot of the Mike Posner song, including various remixes!

When my husband Tam and I decided to go to Valencia in August, I was excited when I discovered how close it was to Ibiza. I quickly booked a weekend at the sole hostel there and return flights from Valencia to Ibiza. I went alone because Tam isn’t really into the clubbing scene. I’m glad I did because I had a really great time! I also learned some things which I would do differently should I return to Ibiza (which I certainly hope to do at some point!).

There are ferries available between Valencia and Ibiza, which I would have liked to do for the experience (I’ve not been on a ferry in a long time) and the lovely sea views. However, the ferries that I was finding were at awkward times, so I opted instead for the ease and speed of the trusty aeroplane. The journey there on the Friday morning was OK – the plane did get delayed (surprise, surprise) for a couple of hours due to an air conditioning issue. The actual plane ride itself was less than an hour, so shorter than the delay, haha! Annoying, but it happens! I didn’t book anything or expect to do anything at any particular time, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Posing by the Pacha cherries at the San Antonio Bus Station

There is a regular bus service that leaves from the Ibiza airport and takes you to different parts of the island, so I took this bus straight to the area I was staying in, San Antonio. The bus ride was lovely, and I could see a lot of amazing views as we rode through the island. Plus, at one point, there were a group of lively young men on the bus singing, cheering and playing music – oh, I was in Ibiza alright!

The bus dropped me at a bus station just a short walk from Amistat Island Hostel Ibiza, where I was staying. Apparently, it’s the only backpackers’ hostel in Ibiza (I wonder why there aren’t more?), but thankfully it was a lovely place to stay! Great service, friendly staff, vibrant and modern décor – it certainly matched the vibe of its website as being a party hostel (and I didn’t expect any less!). There is a small guests’ kitchen if you want to cook your own food, but I only used it once or twice because I mostly dined out. The hostel has its own spacious bar and restaurant where you can buy hot meals and then pre-drink to start the party. There isn’t a massive community feel here – I think some people come here with friends already – but I did chat to a good few people and went on nights out with some of them. I also love Amistat’s swimming pool, which is a pleasant place to swim in or just lounge about.

Cool hanging chairs in a communal outdoor area of Amistat Ibiza Hostel

Amistat was a great place to stay. I stayed in a mixed dorm with an ensuite, which was OK – the room was a bit small, but I liked that we had our own balcony and plug sockets for each bed. One thing I found disappointing though about this hostel is that they advertise that they hold events, yet there weren’t any on for the three days and nights I was there. I even waited around for the supposed paella class, only for the staff to tell me that the person who was supposed to run it wasn’t around. I found that a shame, but it didn’t ruin my trip much. I still found that there was plenty to do. I liked Amistat and I’d definitely go stay there again, especially since Ibiza is not cheap.

Since I didn’t book anything, I just went with the flow of what I ended up doing. I got recommendations from hostel staff, other hostel guests and the website Ibiza Spotlight, which is a very good visitor guide for Ibiza and shows a timetable for the biggest club nights happening all year round. It turns out though that a lot of the superclubs are very expensive if you try to buy a ticket last minute – I learned from another hostel guest that you can buy at a fraction of the price if you book months earlier. So, that’s something I’ll keep in mind for next time when I’d be sure to look at what events I’d love to visit and properly plan it in advance. Some of these events seem to be like festivals! I also would have liked to go to Craig David’s event and a few others, but he was only playing on Tuesdays, and I had booked to stay Friday to Monday – so another reason to plan better in advance and perhaps take a few weekdays or a whole week off to more thoroughly explore what Ibiza has to offer.

One of the stunning beaches in Ibiza

That being said, San Antonio is full of medium-sized and smaller nightclubs that you can just enter for free or lower cost and have a good time. For example, I had a nice time at Fiesta Del Agua at the club Es Paradis, and there was also a small club my dorm mate and I found that played good Afrobeat music.

Besides the clubbing, I did do some other things in Ibiza. I had a good walk around San Antonio and swam at the beach near my hostel – the beaches and water are lush here! I saw that my hostel was promoting a day trip to Cala Comte on the Sunday, but the person running it wasn’t available. However, the reception staff were helpful in letting me know how I could get there myself by bus, so off I went. It was very easy to find and navigate the bus, and I found myself viewing more stunning parts of Ibiza. Cala Comte is a popular and gorgeous beach where a lot of people like to come to sunbathe and swim. I watched the amazing sunset and had lunch at a seafood restaurant there.

Stunning sunset in Cala Comte, Ibiza

All in all, I had a wonderful time in Ibiza. Three days was a good amount of time to spend there, but as I’d mentioned earlier, I’d certainly plan it better so that I can make the most of the club nights being offered there. I would likely stay at Amistat Hostel again and be sure to visit one of the famous superclubs (booking in advance this time!) as well as sightsee another part of the island. I also came across a lot of chilled-out bars, so maybe I can convince Tam to join me next time? 😊

Have you ever been to Ibiza? If so, what did you see and what did you think?

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